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Pellie Goolsby

General Manager

Raised in Wortham, Texas, Pellie used to live across the street from this iconic property and always thought it could be something special. Along with serving as the current Mayor of the City of Wortham, Pellie is the General Manager here at The Old Gin.

 After moving back to Wortham around 2014, Pellie realized the timing was right for change. Not sure where to start but knowing the strong community commitment was there, she set out to find a way forward. 

Fast forward to 2020 when Pellie met the Raineys. Tim approached the City about the idea of doing some roofing improvements or purchasing a building, something to boost the economy and build attraction downtown. Now Mayor, Pellie quickly realized that her goals for Wortham were the same as Tim and Dee. After visiting about the idea of starting a coffee shop, Pellie said the magic words, "Do you want to see the building I would buy one day if I won the lottery?"

That was it. Six weeks into knowing one another and a partnership had formed with a vision to create The Old Gin. In her words it's simple, "As the Mayor, I usually hear about the need to fix the streets, but everything relates to property value, and I know that Wortham can be more like it was when I was growing up here. This business opportunity and property makeover is exactly that."

After about six weeks, the seller was on board and construction has been fully underway ever since. Phase one includes the restaurant and bar but there is room to grow and plans for the future.

Pellie has one wonderful daughter, Rylee, who is currently in college. She is the creator of The Old Gin's 'oatmeal lace cookie'. She is excited to collaborate with local farms to stock the kitchen and can't wait for everyone to taste the pulled pork nachos.

 She loves a great cocktail and good conversations.