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Tim & Dee

Tim & Dee Rainey


Tim and Dee have been married for 45 years. They are partners in life and business and are the Owners here at The Ol

Owners of Supreme Roofing, Tim and Dee know the value of hard work. Tim is the muscle and labor of their operations while Dee has always taken care of the legal and financial side of their business ventures. The Old Gin is no exception. 

After a friend bugged him for years to visit his ranch, Tim finally took the trip and made a decision: he and Dee needed one for themselves. They had never heard of Wortham, Texas but a connection led them to land for sale outside of town, and for the last few years they have called Wortham home. As Tim says, "When you know something is right, that's it. We have been blessed with that for our entire relationship." After working on their ranch for about three years, they met Randy, their neighbor, and his family. Tim was then introduced to Pellie as the Mayor. Offering to do some roofing repairs or possibly purchasing a building for a new business, Tim and Dee collaborated with Pellie who originally pitched a coffee shop. Spending some time looking at properties in town and talking about goals for the city led to her asking the ultimate question: "Do you want to see the building I would buy if I won the lottery?"

Six weeks later the property had been purchased and business plans were in place for The Old Gin. In looking back over the last year of construction and planning, Tim reflects "You can do nothing and be absolutely fine, or you can take risks and have fun while you do big things."

Tim and Dee are semi-retired and enjoy renovating their ranch and spending time with family. They have two children. Their daughter, Angela, is a nurse and currently working on her doctorate while teaching and still practicing nursing. Just 14 months younger is their son, Craig, who oversees both the Dallas and New England offices for Supreme Roofing and assists with the management of the Oklahoma City and Denver offices, as well. Each of their children have one son, the two greatest grandsons ever.

They are looking forward to a diverse and exciting menu that offers something for everyone. She is eager for folks to try the pulled pork, 2 inch pork chop, and baseball sirloin, while he can't wait to see what everyone thinks of the classic (but hard to find) New England Clam Chowder, fresh fish, and readily available vegetables cooked to your liking upon request.

His favorite drink is crown... with a splash of diet coke; her favorite drink is a nice red wine blend.